by Andy Hauck

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mjgusa1 thumbnail
mjgusa1 Messuggah meets Tantric meets Country Guitar Shredder.
Andy is total mastery. One of the best songwriters of this generation. Favorite track: The Heavy Things.
Brenden Beck
Brenden Beck thumbnail
Brenden Beck There's so many musical influences in this album. It's awesome! Favorite track: Open Sky.
French Doge
French Doge thumbnail
French Doge One word : unique. I've never heard something like that before. I've never heard western music taken in a progressive way. Andy Hauck has put an incredible amount of work in it, and this is an amazing release. Favorite track: Rainsong.
Steven thumbnail
Steven Extremely unique sound. A little bit of this, a little bit of that in a well rounded EP. Favorite track: Far Side.
nanohead thumbnail
nanohead OMFG.. this is otherworldly. I can see now that I will listen to this every day for the rest of my life, taken like a multi vitamin to improve my mental health. Crazy technical, insanely melodic, a fusion of all sorts of genres, super production values. Just amazing amazing amazing Favorite track: Open Sky.
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After a lot of work, I'm proud to finally release my first real album Westerly, aka Bad Music for Good Money. It's only 5 tracks but (hopefully) I made them count. The album is free, so if my bandcamp runs out of free download credits please contact me and I'll be happy to send it to you. Enjoy!



I know its out there somewhere
an empty sky to impair the monotony

The sounds are wide and distant
if only for an instant
The drops will break the silence
colors return to vibrance

I believe the day will come
the sky will let us know its done

and I dont' know the way, way to let you know
from so far astray
but we don't have much time before we face the grave
i'm reminded to fight it

Don't be afraid, the rain will go away
don't dismay, the rain will not stay.

Theres no escape, its far too late
Now its time to brace

Before you know it dear, the storm will be long gone
gone without a trace
Only in our minds, the wind and rain live on
if we give them a place.

One day you'll see that there's no shame
but don't forget

Don't be afraid, the rain will go away
Don't dismay, the rain will not stay

----The Heavy Things---
There's no beauty in 'maybe'
the dull glow of uncertainty daily
The things we carry are not just our own
and they won't leave well enough alone.

We carry the heavy things, heave.
Through sleepless nights and hope they will leave.
But they're not our own
no they're not our own.

So lets go, get up off the deck
but you don't ever seem to forget
the burden's heavy and wears us to the bone
but we'll make it on our own

The things we carry are not just our own
and they won't leave well enough alone
The burden's heavy, and wears us to the bone
but we'll make it. On our own.

---Open Sky---
I want a new change from wind on dark winter nights
and the mundane, I begin to resent the lights

It's alright. Feel free to believe in what you'd like

But know that on inside on your own
So take your time and make it have some soul
Know that on inside on your own
Give it all your

I don't know where to begin
Every day I feel I'm missing something.
i don't know where to begin
That's one hell of rut to be stuck in

and I don't need to be, be a genius to
know there's something wrong, something wrong with you
The thought your road is set, the only way to go
you let yourself forget

There's no way to see the sky
the stars seem to discard their glow
to early to leave the cold
surely, we don't know.

And we won't find out to soon.

I want a new change from wind on dark winter nights, I know.
and the mundane, I begin to resent the lights.


All there is to see in our simple lives
every single inch of open sky

It doesn't matter that we don't feel the same
What it matters is what we do before we go away

I need a new change from wind on dark winter nights
and the mundane, i begin to resent the lights.


---- Pantry Splits ----

We entitled few spend our days sitting in our rooms
Recording stupid music to impress I don't know who.

I play cheesy riffs that you could never hear live
Studio magic is real, enjoy my sonic lie.

I could be going to school, I could be spending my time
Trying to make the world a better place to be alive
Could be getting a drink I could be talking to girls
But no, one more chorus here give a whirl

And all this time i'm wasting making music nobody likes
I feel the world is waiting for me to get a life
With some luck and timing I'll get a few facebook likes
for the music I make thats ruining my fucking life.

We write lyrics to appear more artistic
Though we've never missed a meal or been remotely sick
I'll be internet famous maybe one day
who needs a stupid fucking prechorus anyway ( not me )

2nd Chorus

Write, write on. And hate the creations more
But that is the struggle: that's what i signed up for
Write, write on. And feel a little worse every day
but the product is worth it, i wouldn't have it any other way.

---- Far Side ----

I see the lights are on inside your mind
and I hope they're in me
Because i'm not so sure anymore
I fucking hope they're in me
I can't get any more bored

And though the highway lets me feel free
the road is only temporary

And i hope my friends, we'll meet before the end
when we're older and wiser, on the far side of the bend
Somewhere under the night sky, infinite segments of time
A million miles ahead til' the far side of the bend

The slightest feeling of dread keeps you from getting out of bed
but there's still hope in the night; The guarantee of the coming light.

2nd Prechorus/Chorus

We made it, we're almost through
not another god damn of singing the fucking blues
I've heard the best news today, I've just heard
Its okay to be myself all I want
Okay to let go of fear this day
Okay to enjoy the world around me
To let go finally

and I hope my friends that you feel the same
a million miles ahead. Don't be afraid.


released July 13, 2015


all rights reserved



Andy Hauck Reno, Nevada

I'm a Nevada-based musicians that tries to make unique things. I don't like sticking to one sound. All of my music is free. Enjoy!

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